Testimonial – Joanne Kam


Joanne Kam

The difference between before and after is that I feel confident with the counter’s I’ve entered now with the Process 1 & 2 I applied after learning from the course. As such, I am more than glad to be part of InvestBursa membership – it’s an ongoing learning process!

Joanne Kam Flavourist at Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

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What Joanne Kam Absolutely Loved about InvestBursa

  • It gives her a whole new level of independence in making investment judgement

  • It removes all doubt and noises from unrelated people and allow her to think prudently

  • It provides her with the principle knowledge in investing

  • There isn’t a coach convincing enough for her to really learn from….until now

  • There isn’t a program which provides continuous interaction* with the coach…until now

Joanne’s stocks (Hup Seng) as of Dec 2013, shortly after she bought in less than 2 months

hupseng dec13