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Why fundamental analysis is important to invest into profitable stocks

Fundamental analysis is the core of long term value investing. ccris check online

Without it, you are driven by 2 things, just like most people are, the moment you step into the share market:

Greed and Fear


When the economy improves, people become bullish about the market.

Greed will cause 3 things in most people:

  • Boost their confidence to the point of arrogance
  • Stimulate risk-seeking behavior,
  • Motivate them to chase the winners

If you are one of the people affected by these, it will blind your judgement and subsequently result in poor decision making.

As most people are fixated to short term gains when prices are rising, they are more than willing to purchase stocks overpriced.

…which results in the prices of the stocks being bid up to an overvalued level.

You mustn’t fall into this trap.

How NOT to fall into such pscyhological trap?

Well, one major factor why people are vulnerable to losing money in the share market is that they use emotion in their decision making process.

Compared to systematic and logical approach, this method requires no work.

It’s effortless.

Instead of performing due diligence, such as analyzing the underlying business performance, profit growth prospects and value of the business, emotional decision-making uses some mental short-cuts based on similarity & familiarity to judge what the market will do next.

For example, when you receive some negative news of a stock, it will link the news to price falling and will trigger the fear of loss. In such case, the most natural reaction is to sell the stock without investigating further.

The massive disposal of a stock will then lead to its price plunging. Likewise, the fear of loss also causes people to ignore bargain.

See the downfall of NOT doing any fundamental analysis?

Your mind have not information it needs to think clearly, and as a result, you tend to sell stocks in panic when prices crash.

Here’s a fact

When stocks price nosedive, the innate fear of losing in human will be triggered.

The self-defense mechanism then kicks in immediately.

People will suddenly become risk averse.

In addition, the exaggerated bad news cast over the media will result in extreme stress, further triggering the fight or flight response in that primitive reptile part of your brain .

When the emotions are combined with the herding mental shortcut (belief of following other people selling is safer than doing it differently), it leads to panic selling, as the depressed investors unwittingly allow their emotion to overcome rational thinking in the decision-making process.

This explains why the speed of stock price falling is much faster than that of its price rising.

This matter is compounded when most of the investors do not like to read financial reports; many of them do not even bother to understand the companies’ businesses

…and hence do not know the actual worth of the businesses when they bought the stocks.

They buy the stocks solely based on hype and hope that the stocks price will double in 12 months.

During economic crisis, when everyone rushes to sell the stocks and analysts also give strong sell recommendations; whatever you fear will be validated and therefore you will rush to liquidate their positions hastily to prevent further loss.


In a book titled The Little Book of Value Investing, Christopher Browne stated that

“Most people seek immediate gratification in almost everything they do including investing. When most investors buy a stock, they expect it to go up or distribute dividends immediately. If it doesn’t, they sell it and buy something else.”

This statement is further supported by Robert Cialdini that

“Quite frequently the crowd is mistaken because they are not acting on the basis of any superior information, but are reacting, themselves, to the principle of social proof.”

The myopia always leads to ignorance of the underlying business and overemphasis of short-term gain.

In summary, when the hot stocks lose their momentum and heading south, uninformed investors will be spooked by the selloff and tend to sell immediately at a loss.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that most people have never even won a cent in their investments.

Jeselynn Cheong

What a Full Time Veteran Property Investor from Penang has to say on the Coaching

Mr. Lai is a very attentive & very patient instructor / mentor in this course. He always try his very best to answer the students’ questions tirelessly and repeated as well. – He has a sense of responsibility and accountability to respond to the students’ questions in very short turnaround time. – Mr. Lai explained thing in a very detail manner and make sure his students understand his message. I joined InvestBursa (in 2013) because this stocks investment thingy always mystifies me although I consider myself an advanced property investor. Now, I have a much clearer picture on stocks investment after the 2 months program. Most importantly, from a perspective of a coach who has been there, done that – with real life results to boot!

Jeselynn Cheong Penang
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    Interact directly with SC Lai as your personal coach everyday for the entire 2 months course duration.  Ask questions, submit your “homework” – no other program offers such interaction

The founders of InvestBursa program has been featured in the following media channels & organizations

Dr Thinakaran Malapan

See what a Consulting Gynecologist from Ipoh thinks of the Course Content

The one aspect of this course that I found to be very useful was the simplistic and well organized nature in which the course was conducted.The manner in which the explanations (simple,easy to understand & concise) were given was extremely beneficial for any newbie like myself!

Being a Platinum member enables me to tap into Mr Lai's mind for my continuous learning on more case studies to filter good stocks and the timing on buying/selling.

I think there’s nothing like this out there.

Dr Thinakaran Malapan, Hospital Taiping, Perak

Inside InvestBursa 2 months intensive training cum coaching,  you will be able to...

  • Interact directly with Mr Lai and submit your "homework" to him
  • Get into Mr Lai's mind- how he think, analyze and then ACT
  • Shortcut your learning curve leveraging on his experience
  • Reverse limiting belief that stocks are risky investment
  • Use the exact tools he uses to make decisions in less than 10 min/day
Joanne Kam

What a once-skeptical stocks investor share with us on Results*

The difference between before and after is that I feel confident with the counter’s I've entered now with the Process 1 & 2 I applied after learning from the course.    

I can say InvestBursa gave me a whole new level of independence in making investment judgement 

It removes all doubt and noises from unrelated people and allow me to think prudently.  

There isn't a coach convincing enough for me to learn from, until now.

 *Your result may vary - this is not a guarantee
Joanne Kam, KL, Flavourist at a F&B MNC

Lieu CF “Now with the technology available, you can learn comfortably from your home, at your own pace. I’ve teamed up with Mr Lai Seng Choy to bring to you the video training of his two simple and proven stock investment processes to invest profitably in stock market even during a market downturn." Lieu CF, Course Coordinator, InvestBursa.com